Plains of Eidolon Comes to Warframe

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  1. jaganar says:

    this game …
    it was great ,until i farmed my puppy aka kubrow … a week later, even with dna stabalizers DEAD AS DOORNAIL….

    i prayed the update was better than octavia,, and JESUS we finally get a WING with stable controls ,and usage out of the missions *in actual combat *
    where is the sentinel pet during this session *knowing the sunkist squad ,its in a bar somewhere talking about all the support it gave to kuma and didnt get a shred of credits or relic

    so far it looks amazing and its a good thing i have 2 systems to use ,so incase pLAINS becomes a beast of an update *2 gigs or more * i can just run it on the extra i use for the warframe systems.

    i just legitly hope we get out of the milky way and dont need to finish the octavia quest or have a 6 rank *the new level up you have once a day where you shoot the weapon in a training session * to access this update cus some of us are having issues getting to the GOLD RANK .

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